1- What is TrueValue.com.kw?

TrueValue website from Global Retail Trading Company that combines all your

needs with multiple options in one place, allowing you to get all your products with ease and comfort.


2- What is the benefit of registering my membership in the site? It is very important that you have

membership on our site you will get a lot of features when you log in, you will get full rights while browsing the site. For reasons of security and convenience, we need to know the customer account information before giving them the right to shop and buy.


3- Is my online buying safe?

TrueValue site guarantees a secure shopping experience, as TrueValue.com.kw chooses to process payment transactions only through securely encrypted Payment Gateways.


4- Is it free to register and create account on an TrueValue.com.kw?

Yes, Registration on the site is free.


5- What should I do if I forget my password?

No need to worry because this is likely to happen, just click the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions.


6- How can I change my accounts personal information?

After logging in to the site, click Account Settings and you will be directed to the page of your account information. You can then change the data in the fields you wish to edit and save.


7- Will my account be closed on TrueValue.com.kw if it has not been used for a period of time?

No, the account will still exist.


8- Can I create more than one account on TrueValue.com.kw?

Sure, you can, if each registered account has a different phone number.


9- How do I contact TrueValue?

You can contact the website via Customer Service - Hotline 1811789 at 9 am to 5 pm.


10- What payment methods are used on the site?

  • knet cards.
  • Master cards.
  • Visa cards.

11- What areas are covered by the delivery service?

Delivery service includes most areas of the State of Kuwait, please refer to the terms and conditions

(delivery sites item).


12- Do I have to be personally existing at the time of delivery?

No, you can delegate a person (check the eligibility requirements) to receive and sign the receipt.


13- What is the accepted currency for online payment?

We accept the local currency of the State (Kuwaiti Dinar) within the State of Kuwait.


14- Can I see the products somewhere? Do you have a place to view products?

As an online shopping site, we do not have a product gallery but be confident that our site provides

you with a detailed description of each product as well, you can always contact us and inquire about

any product, and we promise to do our best to help you.


15- Are discount coupons applicable to all TrueValue products?

We aim at TrueValue to give our customers the best deals and discounts coupons apply to most TrueValue products, but there are specific products that can not be used with the coupon. You will be notified that the coupon code is not valid on a particular product as soon as it is used.


16- Why should I activate my mobile number?

The activation of the telephone number is very necessary to maintain your account and the delegate can also communicate with you before delivery of the order to determine the delivery date and make sure that you are the same person who requested.


17- Can I buy some products before they arrive?

Yes Sure, you can choose the desired products from the (pre-order) section and receive the products as they arrive.


18- Can I cancel or modify the order?

Of course, you can cancel or modify the order in accordance with the terms of cancellation mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.


19- Can I have multiple addresses in my account?

Yes, you can add as many addresses as you need in one account.


20- Can I track my order through the site?

TrueValue gives you the demand tracking feature to monitor your order status and its arrival time.